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Visit Luna Park Reflex in Ostend and enjoy the newest arcade games and your all-time favourite classics!

We have been one of the biggest arcades in Belgium since 1985.

Who are we?

Luna Park Reflex welcomes all, young and old, people in groups or alone, everyone enjoys themselves at our arcade.

Are you adventurous? Then you will relish our state-of-the-art VR games. Become a true adventurer and discover the secrets of a mysterious island in the VR game ‘King Kong of Skull Island’, or save the world from an evil genius in SEGA’s ‘VR Agent’.
Are you competitive by nature? Hunt zombies playing the exciting game ‘House of The Dead: Scarlet Dawn’.

Our coinpushers on the other hand are the perfect family activity. Are you more of a strategist with amazing spatial awareness? Then our claw machines, filled with awesome prizes, will be to your liking.

Our pinball machines are some of the all-time favourites. Play on the beautiful classics or discover our newest Stern pinball machines (Insiders connected). Can you beat the high score? Pay us a visit and become a true pinball wizard!

At Reflex in Ostend, the client is our number one priority. Therefore we continuously update our range of games. This way you can discover all novelties in the arcade world right here! Because of our beautiful range of prizes, we assure you that you can always win your dream prize.
To make your experience even more fun we are moving on to a cashless system. Ask for your membership card at the register and enjoy our bonus packages. Not only can you charge money on the card to play games, the points you have gathered will also be stored on this card.
No more losing your points! Quick and easy! Be sure to include a visit to Luna Park Reflex in your family’s weekly planner.

Are you curious about our cosy atmosphere and all the novelties we provide for our customers? Watch our video or take a look at our photos!

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Discover your playful side and have FUN!