Our extensive and very smart-looking display of fantastic prizes to be won, tries to appeal to every visitor. There is a wide choice ranging from small and low-cost items to large and more expensive prizes.

VIP Card

Get your own VIP memberschip card and enjoy exclusive discounts! On this card you can add money to play faster or save your points!

It is also possible to donate a VIP card to a family member or friend as a gift! For more info, ask our staff or send us an email or message on Facebook!

You can win tokens (chips)and tickets by playing on our many amusement games . Afterwards you can have those tickets literally ‘ eaten ‘ by the ‘Ticket Eater .
Playing with chips is not only great fun , you can also save them up to collect really great prizes since these points you have won remain valid for many years .

Luna Park Reflex has an outstanding reputation for having a lot of video games, ranging from older ones ( flippers , racing / shooting games ) to the newer generation.
We keep up with the latest trends through regular purchases of new games..
HERE you can look at pictures of some of the games to be found in Luna Park ‘ Reflex ‘ .